Wastewater treatment

JSC VENTBUNKERS accepts for purification the following kinds of wastewater contaminated by oil products:


–          wastewater from tankers:

–          tanker ballast;

–          cargo tank washing waste;

–          engine room sludge water.


–          industrial wastewater:

–          industrial wastewater from JSC VENTBUNKERS terminal;

–          industrial wastewater from other terminals (delivered by truck).


The maximum speed of simultaneous wastewater intake from berths is 600 cubic meters per hour. At present purification facility’s capacity is up to 20’000 cubic meters of contaminated wastewater per day. Capacity of wastewater purification facility is 600 thousand cubic meters per year.


Type of purification facility: mechanical, physically-chemical (flotation), sorption in coal filters. Polyelectrolyte is used as flocculants in wastewater purification facility.


Operations of wastewater purification complex are provided employing 7 tanks with total capacity of 33’200 cubic meters and 8 filtering sections with the upper layer – mesoporous anthracite coal and the bottom layer – the sand.


Stages of the technological process within wastewater purification facility:

–        wastewater intake by pipelines;

–        wastewater mechanical settling;

–        treatment of water component (flotation);

–        water filtration (absorption);

–        filtered water discharge into the Baltic Sea.



Contaminated wastewater is accepted considering average limits of contamination concentrations. Main contaminating component of all incoming wastewater is oil products. Wastewater accepted for purification contains maximum concentration of polluting products:

–          oil products 8’000 milligrams per litre;

–          suspended substances 600 milligrams per litre;

–          biological oxygen demand 150 milligrams per litre;

–          chemical oxygen demand 6’000 milligrams per liter;

–          total nitrogen 15 milligrams per liter;

–          total phosphorus 4 milligrams per liter.